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Avestura's Projects


Here are some of my side projects I've worked on over the past years:

Eyes Guard

desktop windows application for protecting your eyes which helps you (also can force you!) to take a break if you are working with your PC for a long time.

Avestura PasteBin

a "modern" paste bin with restful api, s3 storage, custom paste urls, and more. available online at PasteBin

VHDL Ping Pong

a ping-pong game written in VHDL with VGA support.

Photo Firemark

hides a photo in another photo. read more about this project here: Hiding a photo inside another photo

Tom Cool

alternative front-end in react for "Thomas's Cool Forum Software", an open imageboard forum.

Dooz Game

a gui tic-tac-toe game, implemented in C++


a telegram-looking chat app with a custom protocol on top of TCP and graph path-finding algorithms.

DCMotor Controller

dc-motor speed control using ATMega32 in assembly, simulated in Proteus.

Microcontroller Calculator

a calculator written in assembly and simulated in Proteus, with keypad support and scanning.

Hasti Programming Language

a persian right-to-left programming language, written using F# and FParsec parser combinators.

Data Structure App

a gui desktop app to visually play with algorithms like BFS, DFS, and huffman-tree.

Event Template

a vanilla html/css/js template I’ve created for my events website without using any frameworks or 3rd party libraries.

Othello AI

a gui othello game with a huristic ai using min-max tree and alpha-beta pruning.

Fuzzy Operators

a gui desktop app for testing and ploting fuzzy operators, s-norms and t-norms.


a simple telephone taxi management gui desktop app that I wrote for my mother's tourism institute.

Network Lab

a documentation project for network algorithms and samples that are emulated in GNS3

Heart Disease Classifier

a heart disease classifier written using scikit-learn and python


a gui implementation of minesweeper game.

Bafgh Automation

an enterprise automation application for a large company in Yazd. it includes reading weightbridge data, submit data in local database and sync with server, drag and drop report designer and more...


an implementation of optimized crossover for independent set problem.

Excel Moodle Addin

a simple addin for writing Moodle questions in Excel.


Checkout my other projects at my github profile: