Aryan Ebrahimpour

Software Engineer @ SystemGroup Co.
MCS Graduate @ IUST

Hello! My name is Aryan Ebrahimpour.

I'm an Iranian site reliability and software engineer living in the northern province of Iran: Guilan. I was born on December 22 1997, therefore I am 26 years old. I've got my master's in computer engineering from the Iran University of Science and Technology in Tehran. I began programming in middle school and since then my interest has become an obsession. I love what I do, and I constantly strive to become a better software engineer.

In general, I love anything related to math, engineering, technology, history, social sciences, writing, and art. I enjoy doing teamwork activities and cooperation as much as I enjoy being a lone wolf and doing stuff by myself.

You might want to "Inspect Element" on this text and read more secret stuff! (due to status of the freedom of speech)

Personal Interests




Classic Persian PoemsHafezMolana


STEM BooksHistory BooksGeopolitic Books


Functional ProgrammingCategory TheoryTheorem ProvingElectronics

Politics and Belief systems



Massive MultiplayerStrategicAdvantureRPGAssasin's Creed SeriesRise of NationsWarcraft SeriesSocial deception games

Favorite Youtubers

VeritasiumTom Scott3Blue1BrownMathologerOverSimplifiedTechnoblade (Rest in peace)DreamLinus Tech TipsKurzgesagtDaniDaniel ThrasherMr BeastTheOdd1sOutIt's Okay To Be SmartDisguised ToastMichael ReevesDolan DarkFlyingKittyEpic Rap Battles of HistoryLazarBeamPewDiePie


What does Avestura mean?
Are you an extreme fan of anything?
Which one do you prefer? Object-oriented or Functional Programming?
Is this FAQ legit? I mean, are these questions really asked frequently?