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An Avestura Project:

Other Projects


Other Projects

Fuzzy Plot (Fuzzy T-Norm and S-Norm plotter.)
City Cloud (Cloud Storage Manager)
Aryogram (A simple C# winsock messaging app.)
Data Structure Projects GUI (Projects of Data Structure course)
doozGame (Gui Tic-Tac-Too in C++)
Khorshid (🚕 Simple telephone taxi management)
Persian Minesweeper (💣 GUI Minesweeper in java)
Photo Firemark (Hide a photo in another photo)
DC Motor (⚡ DCMotor speed control)
Microcontroller Calculator (A calculator written in Assembly)
Excel Moodle Addin (A simple addin for writing Moodle questions with GIFT format, in Excel.)

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You can find more of my open-source projects on GitHub.